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X4004 Wired Long Battery Cup

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Sabula Tech X4004 Wd Lg Battery Cup replace Losi a4001 
Part Number: stx4004
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X4004 Wired Long Battery Cup. Replacement for Losi a4001. - Screw and body clip not included. - Only for use on graphite plate chassis. It will not work on the molded chassis. - Wire clip allows neat organization of wires. - This cup is longer than orginal and allows slightly longer batteries. Many people use to remove the front part of the original cup- for most batteries this will not be needed with this new design. - The maximum battery height allowed is the same as orignal. It will NOT work with the modern taller LiPo batteries or stick packs. - Works with early Lipos and race style packs with cells arranged side by side.

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