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BL2014 Tourismo Sports Car

Your Price: $15.99
Sabula Tech Tourismo Sports Car
Part Number: STBL2014
Availability: In Stock.
BL2014 Tourismo Sports Car.  These are new production from the original Bolink mold. This is NOT a reproduction! - No Window masks included at this time

Includes Rear Wing Spoiler. We have to admit we are not sure how Bolink planned for customers to mount the wing.

Made for 12th scale on-road cars like the RC12L. May also work with some modern 18th scale offroad trucks with some creative wheel well cutting. - Wheel Base = 7-3/4"+ ( 196mm+ ) No marked wheel openings. - Front Width = 6 5\8" ( 168mm ) - Rear Width = 6 3/4" ( 171mm) - Has overspray film on this body. 

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