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A4045 Front Bumper (Pre-order)

Your Price: $5.00
Sabula Tech Front Bumper& Pick Color
Part Number: sta4045
Availability: Out of Stock.
You will be paying for pre-order on these new parts. If order goal is not reached by April 30th 2019- production will not start and money will be refunded to all buyers. See status of the pre-order goal here. - >*Please do not put any other parts besides Pre-order parts in your order. Other parts included with these parts will be held until either April 30th- if goal is not met- or after production is complete on these parts. - Pricing listed is special for pre-orders. Price will be more after pre-order. - Exclusive new production injection molded Front Bumpers for Team Losi Buggies and Trucks. Made in the USA! - Available in molded Black and White. We also have many other colors created through dying the white version. - Made from the exact same material as the originals. These new parts have an ''ST'' molded into the flat portion of bumper and will not be visible when mounted on models. This is being done so they can easily be identified as new production part and not a vintage part. - These will work on the following Team Losi models: - Jrx-2 - Jrx-Pro - Junior - LXT - Jrx-Pro SE - GTX - NXT

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