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A2022 H-Arm Hub Clips (4)(Pre-order)

Your Price: $2.00
Sabula Tech H-Arm Hub Clips& Pick Color
Part Number: sta2022
Availability: Out of Stock.
You will be paying for pre-order on these new parts. If order goal is not reached by April 30th 2019- production will not start and money will be refunded to all buyers. See status of the pre-order goal here. - >*Please do not put any other parts besides Pre-order parts in your order. Other parts included with these parts will be held until either April 30th- if goal is not met- or after production is complete on these parts. - Pricing listed is special for pre-orders. Price will be more after pre-order. - Exclusive new production injection molded H-Arm Hub Clips for Team Losi Buggies and Trucks. Made in the USA! - Available in molded Black and White. We also have many other colors created through dying the version. - These will work on the following Team Losi models: - Jrx-Pro - Junior - Junior T - LXT - Jrx-Pro SE

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