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A1101 XX Front Bulkhead

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Sabula Tech Front Bulkead& Pick Color
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Exclusive new production Front Bulkheads for Team Losi XX. Made in the USA! - Made from the exact same material as the originals. These new parts have an ''ST'' molded into the nose portion of bulkhead. - The new bulkheads have a small change in the design. The portion that the shock tower attaches to is set slightly farther back. - This change fixes an issue with the original design. On the original XX buggy towers the shocks would rub up against the shock tower and cause binding in the suspension.  - Due to this change the kick up on the front has been lowered by roughly 1 percent. - Owners may also notice that this causes the body to fit a little tighter on the body mounts. The body mounts are now a slightly farther apart. It will be noticed most by XXT owners. Our test units fit without alteration- but it is a tighter fit and holes may have to be enlarged depending on how the body originally fit.

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