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2366 1\10th Greenwood Vette (Error)

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Sabula Tech BolinkÜGreenwood Vette
Part Number: STBL2366E
Availability: Out of Stock.
This is Bolink designed Greenwood Corvette. This body is made from the original Bolink mold. It is not a reproduction. - These will have some small errors- debris on mold during forming or maybe webbing in corners above cut lines. Also could be a bubble from trapped air on roof. - Includes Window Masks - It is a 10th Scale body. - Wheel Base = 9 1\2" - 11" (241.3-279.4mm ) There is no defined rear wheel openings - Front Width = 8 7\8" ( 225.42mm )Rear Width = 9 1\8" ( 231.775mm) - Has overspray film on top

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